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You can experience birth the way women were magnificently designed to birth, 
"A Woman's Way."


A Woman's Way - Natural Childbirth Preparation, Doula Support and Services, is committed to strengthening and supporting a natural pregnancy, labor, and birthing experience, while celebrating a woman and her baby's positive, healthy, and joyful well-being. We offer a woman to woman experience, assisting you carefully through the birth process with knowledge and understanding of the valuable connection between mind, body, and spirit.

A Woman’s Way is pleased to support mothers and fathers in making empowering decisions and a deeper connection/preparation for personal growth for parenthood, guided by women who have studied and prepared long and hard and who, themselves, have been initiated as mothers.

Please consider A Woman's Way, Hypnosis Services, Doula Support and Services, Natural Childbirth Preparation for Labor & Birthing, and Natural Fertility as part of a your support team.

We invite your questions and are happy to discuss your needs.
Helping women to develop the art and joy of rediscovering their natural birthing instinct



You are invited to our Monthly MOVIE NIGHT!

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NEW HB Class series starting
currently enrolling now


Phyllis S. Fisher



The Most Current Flyer for Classes can be downloaded here:

All Childbirth Classes Below will be Offered

Childbirth Class - Week 1
3pm - 5:30pm

Childbirth Class - Week 2

Monday – Oct. 2, 1pm - 5p




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A Happy Parent Testimonial:

"Learning about HypnoBirthing for me personally was transcendent. It gave me the power, confidence and tools, to positively face the many misconceptions I was confronted with, regarding labor and birthing. It gave me a clear and truthful understanding of the magnificent design of a woman's body and my budding potential.

provided a peaceful alternative in today's crazy hectic and over scheduled world that doesn't always serve and support a healthy and positive woman and mother.

HypnoBirthing class activities provided peaceful bonding practices for my child, and me and with great revelation and excitment for my husband and myself as well.

I would positively recommend the classes and practices of HypnoBirthing to any and all women who are pregnant or thinking about having a child. And bring your husbands or partners they will enjoy it all very much too."

Katie, Mother of Jonah and Camarah


Childbirth Preparation using HypnoBirthing®
An important decision for every pregnant woman is Natural Childbirth Preparation Classes. We support and help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy, an enjoyable labor and birth-day.

We provide genuine evidence based guidance to help you experience childbirth as a natural process and as a life event because as a woman you are designed with the ability to birth naturally.

HypnoBirthing Childbirth Preparation is a 5 class series, each class is 2.5 hour, learning, and putting to use officially authorized HB information, practices and support for a happy, healthy and calm childbirth experience.

The distinctive methods we teach are from direct experience with birthing mothers and are positive and effective life tools for a healthy pregnancy, birthing, and breastfeeding, as well as, parenting and family life.


1) Certified HypnoBirthing® Classes HB Seal

2014 HB Conclave

Download HypnoBirthing info - HB Flyer : HB Brochure

2) Wise Womans' Mentoring Sessions

3) Women's Gentle Yoga

4) Monthly Movie Night at The Birth Cottage - See Schedule

Examples of the Topics discussed at Movie Night:

• The Truth about Childbirth

• Breastfeeding Support

• A Wise Woman's Preparation for Labor

• Calm and Peaceful Childbirth

• Prenatal Parenting; for increasing a baby's and mother's bonding

• A Mother's Unique Touch

• Sibling Fun

• Mama Bear's protection and growing love for her cub

• How pregnancy and labor hormones help us (woman) to birth our babies easily

• The wonderful role of a father/birth companion during birthing

• and . . .many more engaging and interesting subjects will be discussed and practiced. Please call for more information. See Contact Info

These topics are presented as easy to grasp and supportive information for Childbirth and Parenting Preparation.


Doula's Doula

The Doula's Doula Penny Simpkin with Phyllis at the CAPPA Convention

Thank you Penny for all that you have done to support happy birth experiences . .

A Woman's Way Doula's are aware of and support a woman's needs during her pregnancy, birthing and the weeks that follow childbirth with your continuous individualized care. Please consider including a doula as part of your birth preferences.

In addition to the medical care you have been receiving and the love and companionship provided by fathers, a woman needs consistent, continuous reassurance, comfort, encouragement and respect. New as well as, renewing mothers also need individualized care based on their current needs, circumstances and preferences.

An experienced doula knows how to provide the help and suggestions needed for relaxation during pregnancy and birthing. She lends a listening ear and heart, she knows and gives instructions for calm breathing, tension-easing, visualization, and ways to deepen the natural state of helpful relaxation supporting the production of hormones or natural anesthesia our bodies create during the stimulation of uterine surges for a calm and peaceful labor. We know the areas to massage, to reduce tension and increase oxygen and blood flow to the birthing muscles, for a fulfilling natural labor and birth for you and your baby.

We are prepared to provide physical (non-medical), emotional and informational support to women and their birth companion during labor and birth, as well as to families in the weeks following childbirth. We offer a loving touch, and proven comfort measures that help support childbirthing women and families feel nurtured and cared for.

Numerous studies have found that a doula’s presence at birth
• helps result in shorter labors with fewer unexpected circumstances
• increases positive feelings about one’s birth experience for mama and baby
• reduces the need for pitocin (a labor-inducing drug), forceps or vacuum extraction and cesareans b/c the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome is eliminated
• reduces the mother’s request for pain medication and/or epidurals
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HypnoBirthing Doulas 2008

Research shows parents who receive a doulas support as part of their childbirth experience:
• Feel more secure and cared for
• Are more successful in adapting to new family dynamics
• Have greater success with breastfeeding
• Have greater self-confidence
• Have less postpartum depression
• Have lower incidence of abuse
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DONA 2008

We have seen that woman who are prepared for natural childbirth:
• Experience an ease and natural instinct of Breastfeeding for Mama and Baby
• Babies latch on and successfully nurse within minutes of birth
• Parents share a natural and fulfilling "Falling in Love" with their babies
• A positive imprint of birth experience for newborn
• Intuitive prenatal and postnatal bonding reinforces a strong message of security and love to the baby as well as adds an ease to birthing.
• Dad's get involved in nurturing new baby & new mama and expresses their enjoyment and gratitude.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AWW 2012 - 2013


Doulas are wonderful!


Let's get to know each other

Nearly Born and Newly Born Woman's Tea Time is an activity that brings Nearly Born and Newly Born babies and Mothers together with childbirth and chilldrearing professionals to support each other and discuss new information and resources over our favorite seasonal teas. Ask for details.

Prenatal Appointments with the Doula are offered to get to know the mother and father and begin discussing your preparation for childbirth. These appointments are totally individualized for each woman, as well as, for each couple to discuss and set up the level of continuous care our doulas best can provide for you.

Labor and Birth Doula
A doula focuses on your prenatal and birthing needs. We usually begin to work with women during early pregnancy and continuing throughout labor and birth, then onto the early postpartum period. The doula is the one person who will stay continuously with you all through your labor and birth.

Antepartum Doula
An antepartum doula works with women during pregnancy who are considered to have a high risk pregnancy. The woman may be on bed rest or struggling to control diabetes. The antepartum doula can support her during what may be a very difficult time, providing information, clarifying her options and offering emotional support.

Postpartum Doula
Postpartum Appointments are available to assist you after birth with any questions or concerns you may have regarding breastfeeding, pumping, and or bottle feeding, bathing, diapering, and organizing a new schedule in your household.

A postpartum doula focuses on the period after the birth and provides support and assistance to the new mother. The role may include carrying out basic household duties like cleaning, cooking and caring for older children. It may be to support a breastfeeding mother with assistance, or taking care of the baby to give the new mother a break. Postpartum doulas will work for the mother for an agreed time period and can be anything from a few days to a few months. Some postpartum doulas do overnight work where they care for the baby at night so the mother can sleep.

Putting it all together
The services we provide are on a first come first serve basis. We are always happy to discuss your needs and help you find the support you are looking for.

The Labor and Birth Doula Services offers 2 prenatal appointments, doula services during your entire labor and birth, and 4-6 hours after birth to provide breastfeeding, and nutritional support for family. Doulas Contact

See Testimonials!





Lorne Campbell MD with Phyllis at the 2014 HypnoBirthing Conclave

Dr Lorne and Phyllis at HB Conclave

Our professional and ongoing training at the HB Conclave with an amazing OB, Lorne Campbell MD. A doctor with a big heart serving Mama's and Babies in the state of New York.

New Data coming soon!





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Professional Associations


Birthing from Within Doula and Mentor - 2005

HypnoBirthing Certified Educator and Doula - 2006

Registered Yoga Teacher - RYT 200 2013

HypnoBirthing Fertility Educator - 2013

CAPPA A Professional Organization for Doulas, Childbirth and Lactation Educators- 2013

Certified Consulting Hypnotist - 2014
National Guild Of Hynotists







Doula Smiles!


Are you looking for a childbirth experience that is calm and safe for you and your baby?

Are you looking for a deeper more soulful way to prepare for personal growth for what is growing inside of you?

If your answer is yes, we invite you to consider childbirth as a natural expression of life and to consider “A Woman Way” as part of your support team to explore and express your birth as wonder and delight of life’s fulfillment.

We have worked long and hard to provide helpful, accurate, and empowering options for your childbearing journey and to endow you with the best possible information available to raise a healthy family with the experience you deserve.

We take great care to provide you with information on the arts and science of birth and raising a family, and to support you in seeing the opportunities you have to shape you and your baby’s life. Our common objective is to support, assist, and attend healthy and happy mothers, fathers and babies.

A professional birthing companion is known by her experience and training as a doula. She teaches with guided learning exercises and practices for birthing that will alleviate tension, fear, and discomfort and even possibly eliminating tension and or pain altogether.

When fear is not present during birth the mother's body instinctively births her baby in a natural, normal and healthy way. A doula is a professional birthing companion who assists and supports a family in a natural and healthy birth experience, helping the birthing mother to relax during birth and enjoy the experience.

It is a joy to share our life’s work with you and to help you to experience and enjoy the childbearing and childrearing journey you earnestly desire.


Why we are Doulas!

Being able to positively contribute to motherhood and parenthood as a doula is an important contribution to peace on earth. Birth is precious and to witness our Creator's magnificent work in our lives is a true blessing.

We are honored to be a doula and to be of help to families.


Download doula info - pdf


What is a Doula?

The word doula is generally used to describe a person who provides emotional and physical non-medical support for a pregnant and laboring woman. How a doula applies this role depends on the individual needs and circumstances. A Doulas work is about support. loving attention, advocacy sometimes helping women to identify or support their wishes with their caregiver and to respectfully be present bearing witness to her wonderful birth experience.
A doula may perform the following:
• massage, relaxation, and other comfort measures
• provide information on options available
• childbirth preparation classes
• a supportive listening ear
• reassurance and encouragement
• help with other children
• breastfeeding support

As a doula I know it is my mother's who determine their needs. This means that at every birth we support you and and the choices your family has communicated. For some women our role will be one of loving support and comfort. For another it will be advocacy and assisting her to complete her birthing journey. For another woman it will be to provide information or options. Most women we work with will want a combination of different things from their doula because each birth is a wonderfully unique experience.

Birthkeepers S M I L E S,

Download doula info - pdf

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Natural Childbirth



Amazing Natural Childbirth Preparation Classes

Schedule for Childbirth Preparation Classes in Tallahassee, FL
Our classes are scheduled monthly at convenient times for you.

If you live in a city or county outside of the Tallahassee area, it is our pleasure to serve your childbirth preparation needs in Southern Georgia and Alabama as well as, the Florida Panhandle.

Class Times

NEW! HypnoBirthing Class starting monthly

Please call . . .850.877.4718. . .


See Testimonials!

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See Additional Information about classes


Register for class

Access to Enrollment Form coming soon

Parent Testimonials


Why take classes for you discerning mothers and fathers!

Hear what fathers are saying -
Thank you for sharing your time and experience with us. Your childbirth preparation classes were very helpful to both S and I. Our second labor was
very different then our first and much better and we want to thank you for your part in that. Peace, K

Hear what mothers are saying-
Gratitude can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home and a stranger into a friend. Thank you for all your guidance and care. We will never forget our journey together!
Love, K and S






Your Birthing SMILES!


Birthing Day

How is it that normal childbirth should be so consistently associated with pain, when theoretically nature made no provisions for childbirth to be painful? Labor is an event of the mind as well as the body, and when a woman has been prepared for natural childbirth and has been instructed wisely, her expectations do not have to be associated with pain, but rather a series of changing physical waves and rushes, of which she does not have to fear.

A woman/mother has natural birthing instincts and needs to feel safe, and be treated gently in her attempts to experience a conscious and peaceful birth. In our classes you learn and practice natural labor coping techniques in preparation for birth and the truth about uterine sensations at birth, we demystify the physiology of the brain, uterus, and their interpretation of the uterus sensations during labor to prepare effectively for the birth of your baby.


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For further information or to enroll in classes contact:

PHONE: 850.877.4718

E-mail: Please call at this time!


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HB Class Testimonials










New Parent Testimonials



What parents are saying about our HypnoBirthing Classes classes. . .

Phyllis, We wanted to thank you for all you have done for us. We are truly blessed to have found you! We have learned so much in our HynoBirthing classes and have gained a livelong friend!
I can't wait to bring our little guy into the world with a smooth and easy birth.
Love, J & L

Thank you for helping me reframe my birthing beliefs and realize that my own inborn instincts will guide me to my best birth. LB

I always considered myself to be open minded. I did not realize how much more my mind could open until I experienced the principles of HypnoBirthing while taking the HB classes with Phyllis. It has enriched my life and brought me closer to my loved ones. LD

The kindest hearts expect no reward and deserve it all the more.
You give so much of yourself in the kindness you show, and the lives you touch. That's why you deserve a heartfelt "thank you" and a wish that all the goodness you share comes back to you.
Thank you for your hardwork and dedication. We have the confidence and knowledge that we need to go into our birthing now.
We Love You, G & J

New Mama says . . .

T and I are so grateful you were at the birth. You were a huge support to us.HI

We're doing great! My mom was a huge help the first week and now I'm doing well on my own. He's an easy baby and he passed his first dr appt with flying colors. He weighed 7lbs14oz from 7lbs5oz when we left the hospital...
breastfeeding is going smoothly. LL

Thanks for a great afternoon yesterday. You really helped me with the baby, gaining perspective with him and the birth. It's helpful to have a "mother" show me things to do. We tried the swing last night and he loved it. He fell asleep in it for 2 hours.
Talk to you soon,

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Helpful Parenting Tips


Helpful Parenting Tips for Moms and Dads

Schedule for Parenting Classes in Tallahassee, FL

Class Week 1 - Dates - Teacher TBA
See more information

Childrearing is one of the most important jobs a set of parents have together. Here is a class that can help all parents. Babies are born with reflexes of calming and crying. We teach moms and dads how to mimic your baby’s natural calming reflex, and how to organize your environment to reduce your baby’s crying reflex. We teach you how touching your baby stimulates growth-producing hormones and enzymes to enhance your baby’s neurological development and well being, and how to massage your baby to improve his/her digestion, enhance better sleeping patterns, reduce fussy times, and improve self-esteem. All of our tips help your baby to become better organized in their new and unfamiliar world.

Saturday – TBA


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Women's GENTLE YOGA : a way to relax, build flexibility and stamina


For further information contact us at: 850.877.4718






Further Information:
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Great Birthing Information:

HypnoBirthing -

Birthing From Within -


READ the "Safe Prevention of the Primary Cesarean Delivery"
CAPPA Summary of "Safe Prevention of the Primary Cesarean Delivery"
developed by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologist
(ACOG) and the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine (SMFM


Parenting and Health Information:

Nutritional Information

Health Facts -

Health Facts -

Professional Organizations

NGH -The National Guild of Hypnotists
The National Guild of Hypnotists, a not-for-profit, educational corporation in the State of New Hampshire. Officially founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1950 the Guild is a professional organization composed of dedicated individuals committed to advancing the field of hypnotism.

APPPAH - Birth Psychology
The Association For Prenatal And Perinatal Psychology And Health
APPPAH educates professionals and the public, worldwide, that a baby's experience of conception, pregnancy, and birth creates lifelong impressions for individuals, families, and society. As a result of scientific discoveries and continually emerging evidence, we know babies are conscious and sentient beings.






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Birthbundles - click here

Birth Announcements

10 Steps to a Great Pregnancy





Monthly Movie Night
Everyone Welcome

Second Thursday of Every Month

The Birth Cottage
260 East 6th Ave

Tallahassee, FL




Short newscast each month,
'HypnoBirthing', Your Calm and Peaceful Birthing Option.
See and Learn the truth about Birth and Birthing a Woman's Way. Flyer


Please call for latest schedule.

February 13: Nourishing Traditions - The Key to Vibrant Health, The Best Natural and Sacred Foods for Heathy Babies and Families, Review with visuals and handouts.

January 9: Nourishing Traditions - The Key to Vibrant Health, The Best Natural and Sacred Foods for Heathy Babies and Families, Part 3 - Sally Fallon

December 12: Nourishing Traditions - The Key to Vibrant Health, The Best Natural and Sacred Foods for Heathy Babies and Families, Part 2 - Sally Fallon

November 14: Nourishing Traditions - The Key to Vibrant Health, The Best Natural and Sacred Foods for Heathy Babies and Families, Part 1 - Sally Fallon

October 10, : 'Life's First Feelings',
The surprising emotional capabilities of newborns and very young children. NOVA

September 12: 'Hands of Love: Witnessing the Miracle of Birth', Understand the benefits of incorporating chiropractic care, craniosacral therapy & doula support into routine obstetrical prenatal care.

August 8th, - National Breastfeeding Month,
'Dads and Breastfeeding',
'Dr Jack Newman's Visual Guide to Breastfeeding'

July 11th, -
'Growing Green Babies',
Envelop your nearly here or newly here in organic solutions. PLANET GREEN

June 13th -
"Life's First Feelings", The surprising emotional capabilities of newborns and very young children. NOVA

May 9th, -
"Miracle of Life", The first filmed record of human conception. NOVA

April 12 -
"Giving Birth", Unveiling Birth: The Wisdom, Science and Heart,
A film for everyone . . . 8-108. SUZANNE ARMS

March 1, -
"Woman's Yoga"

February 12 -
"Woman's Yoga"

January 12 -
"Woman's Yoga"

December 12 -
"Woman's Yoga"

November 12 -
"Freedom for Birth"

October 11 -
"Its My Body, My Baby, My Birth"

September 13 -
"Birth into Being"

August 9, -
"The Business of Being Born"

July 12, -
"One Peace at a Time"

June 14, -
"RAM DASS Fierce Grace"

May -
"The Power of Forgiveness"Part 2

April -
"The Power of Forgiveness"

March -
"What Babies Want"






A program designed especially for children.

Sleep Talk the Goulding Process for Children is an alternative and substance free self-help process for parents coping with a challenging child. Sometimes a lack of knowledge, availability of assistance and/or family support can cause parents to doubt their parenting abilities, feel misunderstood and on a merry-go-round of endless consultations and dead ends. This process is about presenting a substance free, safe, non- intrusive and ethical process for parents to use in the safety and comfort of their own home while their child or children are asleep and it's easy to apply.

The process helps to develop a child's emotional resilience because all children benefit from developing a positive and confident sense of self. This occurs without disturbing the sleeping child, and allows them to awaken in the morning with a more positive mindset. It only takes the parents a few moments to present and it's been called a 2 minute gift with changes that last a life time. Anxiety levels reduce which offers the child the ability to deal with their world. Positive change can start to become apparent after only a few weeks of implementing the process. The Goulding process I think has some similarities to the work that Dr. Norman Doidge developed over the past few years which he called 'Neuroplasticity'.


For further information call: 850.877.4718

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Therapeutic MASSAGE
for Mothers and Babies


Theresa Tetter LMT







Improve fitness/enjoy exercise • Lose weight w/o diets
Stop smoking easily w/o withdrawal • Reduce stress
Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnosis
Improve memory , Study habits , Test scores • Self-Hypnosis
Hypnosis for Fertility, Natural Childbirth and Breastfeeding
Improve Confidence for all ages • Sleep Talk™ for Children
Overcoming anxiety, fears, phobias and more • Relax & enjoy life


For more information

Call: 850.877.4718



Natural Fertility

Classes and Support


Use Hypnosis for Fertility—Your Key to Success

Tired of being told to stop trying so hard and let it happen? Does the word "relax" just make you cringe? How do you get to that special place that makes conception a natural, likely occurrence?

Our unprecedented hypnotherapy program does more than just relax you while in session. You'll learn to easily find that relaxed state that opens the door to conception whether natural or medically assisted.

Worry = Negative Self-Hypnosis
You have probably gone to considerable lengths to keep your body free of toxins and exposure to any harmful elements. Why, then would you allow destructive emotions, thought patterns, or subconscious blocks to damage the fragile environment needed to conceive?

Hypnosis = Positive Change
We can help you to transform that fearful energy into a powerful, constructive force. And unlike some medical treatments, hypnosis can benefit both male and female parents-to-be. Hypnosis is safe, requiring no drugs or expensive equipment. It complements virtually any medical procedure with impressive results, often making any such procedure work much better! Natural fertility has come as a surprise for many clients, even those for whom assisted reproductive methods have failed, and even for those who were told they would never have a baby of their own.

You will learn about the causes of infertility, and the medical options you may be choosing. Discover how stress affects the hormonal balance of the body, interfering with conception. Strengthen and practice your relaxation skills through the many working sessions, classroom demonstrations and discussions.

Experience the joy and satisfaction of finding a natural way to conception.



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